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Inside Out: A Memoir of The Blacklist

By Walter Bernstein
Hardcover, October 22, 1996
Da Capo Press
Paperback Illustrated Edition, May 2, 2000
Praise for Inside Out:

“All in all, “Inside Out” is a lovely piece of work.” — Jonathan Yardley, “Well-Red and Witty; Blacklisted Writer Sees McCarthy Era’s Humor, Humanity,” The Washington Post.

“Bernstein has an engaging personality and is compulsively readable. INSIDE OUT is instructive, entertaining, even inspiring as he relates the friendships that helped some targets of the blacklist to survive and even triumph over the system.” — Magill Book Reviews.

In clear-eyed, crisp, unsentimental, highly cinematic, and resolutely unjingoistic prose, Bernstein offered a sense of what it was like to experience World War II, from induction to discharge.” — Ben Yagoda, “Grunt’s Eye View,” Columbia Journalism Review.

“Readers of Bernstein’s book, much of which was reprinted from the pages of the New Yorker, will value it mostly for the scissors-sharp silhouettes it contains of plain American G.I.s.” — Books: The No-Glamor Boys, Time.