TorGuard Performance and Reliability

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TorGuard advertises itself as the best VPN service for Torrent users who want to remain absolutely anonymous and safe in their online activity. In fact, their anonymous proxy service is specifically optimized for p2p filesharing and for bypassing geo-restrictions, such as watching Netflix or Hulu in places where those services are either blocked or unavailable. They have 3,000 servers in over 55 countries, including Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Australia is also represented, which is nice since this region often gets neglected.

They boast unlimited speeds and switching, unlimited bandwidth, as well as anonymous webmail service for absolute privacy and anonymity, which is impressive, to say the least. The company also sells pre-flashed VPN routers.

Speed is one of the areas where TorGuard prevails. When tested, the speeds proved to be very fast, ranging from good to excellent, very stable and reliable. Exceptional results were achieved through the UK and Netherlands servers, which is often the case with other VPN services as well. Of course, connecting to more distant servers brought slower speeds, but that’s why you always connect to the nearest server.


The original TorGuard VPN client is designed for Windows, Mac, and Linux; however, the service is compatible with other platforms and operating systems as well. You can use Viscosity for Windows and Mac and there are manual setup guides for iOS, Android, Ubuntu, DD-WTR/Tomato and Boxee (which is PPTP only).

To begin using TorGuard, just download the appropriate app for your operating system and follow the installation guide. You can choose between TorGuard Lite and Torguard Viscosity. The first one is a simpler client software, ideal for first-time VPN users, whereas the latter is a better option for tech-savvy users.

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TorGuard Lite automatically connects the VPN after you have entered your information, meaning that you basically don’t have to do anything to securely browse the Internet. You can also manually select the server and protocol. Torguard Viscosity, on the other hand, allows for much greater customization.

Both clients are easy to use and provide a user-friendly experience. Still, if you are not familiar with the way VPNs work, you should probably stick to the Lite version.