Sports Nutrition Made Simple

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Following these below simple nutrition guidelines will allow you To drop weight, and plenty of energy through the day.

  • Hydrate with water during the day.
  • Avoid foods that are processed
  • Eat lots of lean meats (fish, lean beef and poultry)
  • Avoid Starches and Sugar (grains, breads, pasta, etc.) Never consume these independently.

Breakfast – Protein (1 egg using 2-3 egg whites, plenty of Fruits and vegetables, water)

Lunch – lean meats and lots of fruits and vegetables, water

Dinner – lean meats and lots of fruits and vegetables, water

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Eat every 3 hours and bite veggies vegetables. Before Practice or games – hydrate with warm water and snack on veggies. When you begin to practice or begin pre-game practice, begin drinking a sports beverage. You need to have the ability to replenish your glucose (glycogen) stores using a sports drink.

When the athletes like the taste of sports drinksthey will Likely drink more.Follow on

At Half The Time – Veggies And Sports Beverage

Right after exercise and games – Fruit smoothie with a few So where are the starches (breads, pasta, etc) that we think of as pre-game meals?

This Is Important

What athletes desire are carbohydrates That Don’t increase the Blood sugar but also replenish the muscle glycogen stores. This comes from fruit and veggies.

If You’ve Waffles And Bagels For Breakfast Prior To The Games This Is What Occurs

Those starches are rapidly turned into Sugar; your body senses the increase in blood glucose and releases insulin. The brain and the muscles do not have enough sugar to operate as effectively. You finally have low blood glucose. So you are dumber, slower, and fatter. Perhaps not the perfect method to start the game or practice.

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The only time you wish to eat the starches is during or After exercise to quickly change out your sugar stores. Avoiding the starches will Also aid with weight limits. Starches scatter more water and therefore result in More fat.