Pokémon Go Is Banning Xiaomi Phone Owners After Recent MIUI Update

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The Niantic Support Accounts on Twitter has tweeted that it’s looking into the problems Xiaomi consumers are facing when employing the GameTurbo attribute and will reveal an upgrade when they can.

Pokémon Go first started back in 2016 to the sport accumulated tens of thousands of consumers within weeks, in no small part due to its AR-based gameplay. Learn more about this topic followed by this link Buy Pokemon GO Accounts.

Even though the Pokémon Go fad could have settled down marginally, it has a vast number of gamers worldwide. In reality, July 2019 has been its first month because the height of the trend started three years before. Regrettably, a number of those players are getting their accounts suspended or perhaps worse, prohibited, and, most importantly, due to the selection of phones

Lately, a ribbon on Reddit has increased in Fame as consumers of Xiaomi telephones are reporting they’ve been suspended or prohibited from the sport. At this moment, the phone most affected is that the Redmi 5; however, there also have been reports of new Xiaomi mobiles having problems.

The Majority of the customers report that the trouble beginning after upgrading into MIUI 10.3.2. Others have pointed into Xiaomi’s Game Booster attribute that’s supposed to help accelerate sport functionality. But a few have experienced problems using Pokémon Go even together with the entire attribute disabled.

Like most games, cheating is a problem; And Niantic is famed because of its thick hand in prohibiting or suspending accounts. Using Pokémon Go’s unique playstyle, which unites Augmented Reality with real-world places, spoofing your location or utilizing modded versions of this program is a massive concern.

It is Not Surprising that Niantic Would like to safeguard the integrity of this match, but regrettably, tens of thousands of innocent Xiaomi clients are caught in the crosshairs.

Users have achieved to Xiaomi, and A Google spreadsheet was produced by consumers to help monitor the matter, and at the right time of writing, it’s over 400 entries.

Hopefully, together with the number of consumers continuing to include it up will induce Niantic and Xiaomi to begin paying attention and solve the leading cause of the matter soon.