Obedience Tips For New Pet Owners

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When you have a well behaved and obedient pet, it gives a sense of pride and accomplishment. Most people will pay compliments to you and admire your fine, well-behaved pet wherever you go. Everyone wants to have that type of animal. Most pet owners are not that lucky. But actually, luck has nothing to do with it; the real key to any obedient pet is being consistent with your commands.

Obviously when you first get your new pet home from the vet, it’s all so cute and cuddly. It’s usually a puppy or kitten, all fuzzy warm jumping around and pouncing and playing, it is just a completely adorable little pet and they can’t keep to themselves. All the promises you made, about not letting the cat jump up on the couch or sleep on the bed with gets tossed out the window. You promise yourself that when he gets older you will start to enforce the rules. But what you’re really doing is you are actually encouraging the behavior you’re trying to avoid.

Now the first thing is you must learn to be consistent about your commands. If you’re asking your pet not to go up the stairs, then you can not allow him to go up the stairs at all. Never, must you allow your animal to do this unless you want to be sending a mixed signal. And unless you want the dog upstairs peeking through your stuff, you need to lay down the law immediately. Like in life nobody likes the rules changed on them in the middle of the game. This holds true for your animals as well.

The next way to encourage a positive response is to make sure that you use rewards and consequences. If your animal does what she wanted to do then obviously you must reward behavior with either praise or some type of treat. The same holds true when the dog is doing something you disfavor, you must discourage this disobedience with a consequence. Now, one of the most important things to understand when doing these types of training, you do not want to be repeating your command over and over. All you would be doing then is teaching your dog to count. If you tell a dog to stay four times before the dog actually responds you are only teaching the dog to respond on the fourth measure.

Remember; don’t feel bad about setting the rules. And household animals are looking for a leader. Most of them are social animals and are used to being in a pack that requires a leader. You can be the alpha male for your animal. They are looking for you to give them guidance and direction. Without this, fear of making a mistake, they will not perform consistently. And when you are consistent with your dog or animal, and then the animal can relax and feel comfortable about obeying your commands. Pleasing you is what the dog wants to do. And isn’t that better than having to leave your dog out side in the backyard every time you leave the house.

Like I stated before, whenever training a pet, be sure to use consistency with your commands and you will have success. Pets raised with discipline are a constant source of fun and entertainment that will give you years of family friendship. Consistency is the key here folks, you can make the difference with repetition.