Credit Cards For People With Bad Credit

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Various financial institutions on the market are going to provide credit cards for individuals with not-so-good credit histories. Consequently, in case you’ve got bad or no credit at all, you still have choices available, so you can fix them from re-building your authenticity in the kind of credit cards. There are two options for people who don’t have excellent credit ratings.

Unsecured Credit Cards

The application method isn’t complicated, but also the credit limit you will be issued; upon approval, it will be determined by just how good your credit score is. Ordinarily, these cards provide quite a higher interest and, over often, a marginally lower limitation, particularly to people with weaker credit scores compared to others.


The financial institutions offering these cards may perform a credit check on your credit record, either in Equifax or Experian, and also create their choice whether to approve the program. Though your first credit limit might grow, it will take a couple of months ahead of your credit is set up for inspection.Read more about this topic on the website creditcard vergelijken.


  • Permits you to fix your credit record by creating on-time monthly obligations
  • Ability to get capital in times of crises or if using frequent debit cards as form of payment isn’t approved


  • Low preliminary credit limits
  • High-interest prices
  • Usually, many cards have a yearly fee which you can’t escape from

Prepaid Credit Cards

Unlike unsecured credit cards, prepaid credit cards don’t offer you access to capital, which you don’t have, which is, allow you to move in debt. You also don’t require a superb credit history on your program to receive accepted. This is just because these cards will be only such as debit cards. You fill up them with worth, along with the credit limit is equal to the quantity you have saved them with. The majority of these cards will be refillable, although some might not be.


  • Accepted as a type of payment if a debit card isn’t approved for example reserving resorts and hiring cars while on vacation
  • It doesn’t let you receive in debt as you load the card along with your funds.


  • Doesn’t report to the credit reporting agencies so not useful if you’re attempting to reconstruct your credit in pursuit of a higher score